Shah Rukh Khan to do new work for his daughter Suhana

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is Bollywood’s King of Romance today but all those years back, he was just a guy from Delhi trying to make it big in Mumbai. Shah Rukh revealed on a television chat show that he is writing a book on acting for his 14-year-old daughter Suhana.

Shah Rukh Khan said that Suhana is keen on becoming an actor as she grows up and the superstar father is very supportive of her decision.
Shah Rukh Khan has an envious film career which is only going higher. His success has been inspirational to many; his own daughter Suhana wishes to make it big in Bollywood. Recently when SRK was on The Anupam Kher Show- Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai, he revealed that he would like to pass on his wisdom to his beti in the form of a book which would consist of acting tips that Suhana may fall back on if the need ever arises!
source: tajakhabar