Are you thinking of buying a bike? Find out what is the price of which bike

Motorcycles mean Bike have now become the most important thing for the public. At times, as a luxury instrument, the bike has now become the rugged day of life.
Various companies of different brands are available in Nepali market and their prices are different from bikes and companies. Today we are presenting the prices of every bike for you. These prices are based on the basis of market rates, not officially.
How to learn how to drive a motorcycle?


Motorcycles are growing increasing in the youth. It is hard to find out such young people who are not interested in using a motorcycle. Someone can easily get the opportunity to ride the motorcycles, someone cannot. Family situation is the main reason that many youngsters cannot fulfill the desire of riding motorcycle.
People feel freedom while riding motorcycle is likely to happen in some other ways.
Motorcycles are motivated due to the fact that there are expensive bikes than the car on the road. Mostly youths runs on the basis of their work, but some have passion to ride bike.
Autonomous people have said that the youth would have the opportunity to mobilize, even when it is easier for easy access to two wheels than four other wheels.
But how can the motorcycles run out of the vehicle? Some driver drivers have said that if you cannot pay attention, you can get a big accident. These are the things to give common attention when driving a motorcycle.

1. To be mentally prepared
To learn motorcycles first, be mentally prepared. When everything is full of mind, it is easier to learn if we are mentally prepared.
2. Choose Motorcycle
According to various motorcycle driving centers, motorcycles have to choose themselves which is suitable for them. They learn how to learn small and light and less horsepower-based motorcycles at first glance.
3. Safety materials
It must be compulsory when driving a motorcycle. Helmets, according to the traffic police, should be compulsory to wear the upper part of the body, the use of the material that is suitable for horse riding.
4. Location to learn
Open space is needed to choose to learn riding. Location selection is also considered to be important if you are likely to have a chance of accidentally learning motorcycles in the roadside pool.
5. System of Motorcycle:
It is very important to learn about motorcycles systems while learning motorcycles that can be easier to control? The brake next to the gear motor is in the right hand. The back brake will be on the right clay. Motorcycle breaks brakes. Claus is in the left hand. Motorcycle gear is in the left. The normal gear is below the bottom and the rest is on top. Gearing in gear control requires special attention.