The Chinese team started doing this by leaving China from Pokhara via Lumbini to the train!

The initial estimates of the estimated estimated Rs. 280 Arba for construction of a multi-scheduled railway link called Kathmandu, said that.
A high level team of Nepalese Chinese Railway Department, Nepal, conducted a study studying various sites of Nuwakot and Kathmandu, for five days.
Chinese squad has been extracted from techno-mechanism to China, which is technically possible for railway connecting Kathmandu, Pokhara and Lumbini connectivity from Kerung to China.

The deputy head of the Chinese Railway Department, headed by Chiang Chian, seems to be more focused on the current situation in Kerung-Kathmandu.
Assessment of expenditure
Rajendra Raj Sharma, Joint Secretary of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Ministry, says, “According to the initial assessment given by the Chinese people, it seems to be worth 18 Arba Yuan, ie 280 arbaNepali rupees.”
It has not been clear about the measures to raise the expenditure, but China’s technical assistance and provisional facility is the initial plan to build debt.
The Chinese target is to bring the railways up to 2020, and then it is said that both sides are in the plan to expand towards Nepal.
It will be said that the distance between ‘Standard Gauge’ Likewise would be 72 kilometers long, this distance will be about 1400 millimeters which will be slightly smaller than the ‘Broad Gauge’.
The Chinese side seems to be more worried about the geographical and geographical complexity of the place where the Chinese side has been constructed to build railways, even though the construction work could be extended.
“The Chinese team has expressed concern over whether it takes a long time to decide through the government bodies,” said Prakash Bhakt, a high-ranking senior engineer of the railway department.
According to officials, Nepal has written words, which help in favor of environmental impact assessment, in the National Park, which are said to be land acquisition, on the railways.