Very fortunate, the person with such a sign on the foot

All of us know the subject about astrology by looking forward to hands.
But the Sea scriptures say that the formation of different parts of the body and on the basis of the line can be described as fate and nature. The text of the foot is not only of hands but it will be important for man’s nature and fortune analysis.
According to the Sea script, the meaning of the sign of the foot on the foot is discussed.

According to the Sea script, there is a line in the upper finger of the foot; such people will be lost and luxurious. Such people are also respected in the society. They are lucky and rich. Similarly, in the middle part of a person’s circle, circle is round shape, such people are rich. They do not have to work hard to earn money.
Those whose tales contain Trishul sign, such people are lucky. There is a sign on the pattern of public employment or the person getting higher rank.
The person whose footsteps are a sign of a big finger on the footsteps, such a person will be the supreme. Such people know the world.
If the middle part is located in the middle part of the foot, the riches will not make any difference.
The English letter on foot is a form of ‘T’, so those people are lucky. Such people get success in business.