Sweta Khadka warn Anmol K.C

The movie ‘Kri’ in which Anmol K.C play the main role, is going to be released on 26 Magh. They are post ponding their release date. During this time Sweta is in tension because she has made a movie ‘Kanchi’ is also release in the same date. These two movies release in the same date so Sweta need to face loss in her movie. Sweta Khadka made this movie in the memory of her husband, a well known artist Shree Krishna Shrestha.

Daya Hang plays the main role in Sweta’s movie ‘Kanchi’. In another side, there is a confl!ct between Anmol K.C and Daya Hang and are in a great competition. What did Sweta Khadka say to Anmol K.C when the releasing date of movies met together?
There are many history in Nepali Movie Industries in which two movies met the same releasing date. Kanchi is the movie prepared after 2 years. These both movies get their profit and loss due to the audience. They should not fight and do not make such a bad history in Nepali Movie Industries. These two movies will get the same success in the business.
Daya Hang and Anmol K,C both are different in their performance. They both are trying their best in their own position.