This is the fate: a farmer became a millionaire while ploughing a field, found a treasury

A farmer in England has become a millionaire at same time. A farmer’s farm has got millions of treasures. A treasure hanger found such a huge treasure with the help of metal detectors.
35-year-old treasure hunter Mike Smilele had discovered such a big treasure in a farmer’s farm at Bradford. These coins have been said to be of the Roman Empire and it is more than 2,000 years old. About 600 coins have been found in the field.

One coin will be worth 900 pounds. These coins has been sent for pricing. Then these coins will be sold at the museum.
While Mike was walking with his friends, his metal detector indicated that there was some metal stuff near of them. When he dug in the hint, he found some coins.
Then he told the local authorities and sidled that place. In recent weeks 600 coins have been found. The money sold by these coins will be half of Mike and will give half to the farmer.