These are own daughter and grandchildren who were k!lled by her own father’s hand.

What does a person do not imagine in life, after that comes, the descendants of all the people leave the place. Due to the !ncident that the daughter and two grandchildren were mu*dered in their own hands, Rolpa has made common Nepali tr@gedy.
43 years old Lil Bahadur Pun, of Ghorba-7, Rolpa Municipality, has k!lled his own daughter and grandchildren Friday night. According to Police Officer of Rolpa Police Inspector Sudarshan Panthi, 25-year-old daughter, Parvati KC, two years and three months elder granddaughter, Diya K.C, and her sister of seven month, Niya KC has been k!lled.

Only three days ago, Parvati had come to visit the si(k father. The village has completely drowned in mourning after the k!lling of the daughter and the grandchildren.
Wife Tirtha and son Prajit were successful to survive. Lil Bahadur was also ready to mu*der his wife and son. The k!ller k!lled the daughter by using axe. “My mother has gone astray and we have succeeded,” says the wife of Lil Bahadur, who is accused a mu*derer.
According to the family and neighbors, Lal Bahadur’s mental condition had recently been imbalanced. Govin pun was di*d by falling from the bus last year and his ment@l condition was not improved from that !ncident and he said that his family was broken. In anxious condition, he had been drinking alcohol.

With ment@l imbalance he was si(k for a few weeks. The daughter who married in Kwanga,Rolpa Municipality came to meet with her two daughters after she heard the news that he was ill. ‘The father became the cause of daughter’s death.’ The neighbor Lila Pun says again. She was hitting when she is having cooked noodles near to the f!re. The right is the wound of the axe in the concrete, ear and nose.
The mother told that the eldest daughter is on her back and the younger daughter in the lap, suddenly attack with axe. Granddaughters have the axe’s wound on the head.

After the wife tried to strike him with an axe then he ran away. Shortly before the he tried to k!ll her but the children protected her. By k!lling the daughter and grandchildren, Lal Bahadur Bachchan reached the neighbor’s house, raised the hands with axe. ‘I have k!lled the daughter and grandchildren, and said ‘Come to see fun’, neighbors say.

After receiving the information of the !ncident, his brother took four youth together and tied his hand and legs and informed the police. He accepted that he had k!lled her daughter and her children infront of the villagers and police.
The villagers have claimed that he was eating himself being a witch after k!lling. In the incident, the de@d body has been brought to the District Hospital, Reuga. They accused the police under control. The husbands of the mu*dered daughter is in Malaysia for foreign employment

source: egorkhalikhabar