How to gain weight? Such natural remedies

Shortly ago, director Diwakar Bhattarai said in our conversation, ‘I go to gym to increase weight.’ According to the height, the thickness has not increased. He told me to eat five times a day to increase weight.
How do we control fatness? How to reduce weight?
However, people are worrying about reducing and increasing thickness. There is also a condition to weight some. It is said, it is difficult to reduce the weight but it is easier to increase weight. However, the v!ctims do not agree. They are saying, ‘This also did not increase in weight.’

Weighing balances according to our height. As we fit five feet five inches high, it is considered true till 60 kg. It is not natural to weigh more or less. Unhealthy weighing is a home of a disease.
Why should we weigh?
To complete the standard of health. Additionally, to show a pleasant life. If the height is not thickened, the life looks sharp. It seems like wearing clothes is also hanged in Hanger. So they want to weight. But, how?

How to Increase?
To balance the weight of the body, balance of food should be made. The bread of maize is said to be very useful to gain weigh. Maize’s bread is such effective food, which easily increases the thickness of the thin person.
Banana and Milk
Banana and milk are also useful to increase weight. Banana contains nutrients, which keep the ability to thicken fat. It is also beneficial for health.
Now let’s talk about milk. Milk is a good source of calcium. Calcium makes bone strong. Eating Banana and milk together helps increase fatness. Particularly, combination of the Banana and milk in breakfast is correct. But, remembering that milk should be pure. The Banana must have been natural.

Gheu and Sakhar
These are easily accessible in every single house. The combination of these two produces nutrients, which is very beneficial for physical health. Therefore, daily feeding and nutrition should be consumed, thinness is reduced.
Green peas
Green peas consumption is also beneficial. It helps to make blood and muscle. The result removes thinness.
Milk and Honey
Mixed milk and honey should be mixed regularly, increases weight.
All foods are not enough enough. It also requires a regular workout. Early in the morning, we should get up and walk. This strengthens the body. This is a natural remedy for removing physical weaknesses.
Stay relaxed
Stress free is good for good health. Taking stress in the heart makes the body is thin.
After eating
After eating a meal and dinner, take rest for thirty minutes. It also increases the weight of the body.
Daily apple consumption
You should consume two apples daily. It helps to arrange the hunger. After consuming, we eat food, which increases the weight.