Be Aware! Talk properly on Facebook and Viber otherwise it may be viral

Comedy tele-serial ‘Khitka Dotcom’, episode-16 has been published. Shambhu Thapa, Suresh Thapa, anita Dangal, Suman Jyoti Neupane, Jeevan Maharaj, Jeni Rana, Prawesh Dahal are the artists of this Nepali comedy serial that shows the recent and real activities of the society. The written director of serial is Suresh Thapa. This tete-serial is able to collect the popularity.

Landy Dada, Darshane and other artists of the serial provides entertainments for the audiences. It is the presentation of Entertainment TV, in which the negative impact that falls in our society is shown. This episode mainly focuses on the especial activities that taken place on phone, Facebook and Viber and the topic of those youths who went in foreign employment.
Those who are in foreign employment fall in the negative culture, and the trend of involving in physical relation; that is the current incident of Nepalese. Many youths are the v!ctim of such problems. People are staying happily in their own place and loving their own country. Because of the wife youth are compulsory to join in foreign employment. And also shows the comedy love story in which many promises had done.
Nepalese teenagers have the trend to change their name instead of their real name given by their parents. They changes their name according to their dressup.