Why do you get more belly p@in during Menstruation? These are 8 reasons:

Menstruation is a natural process of women but also women face the problem of back p@in. what is the reason behind it? If you can identify it you can reduce p@in during menstruation.
The internal part of ovary is called Andrometriyam. During menstruation, some part of it reached to the ovary, Fallopian tube or intestine, so our belly p@in. According to the Specialists, there are many other reasons to get p@in during menstruation.

1. If a woman is suffering from constipation then it is the reason of back p@In.
2. By eating too much cold and too much hot food.
3. If a woman is physically weak from the beginning.
4. Heavy bleeding.
5. Those who smoke get more p@in.
6. Heredity problem.
7. Unhealthy food.
8. Infection in Ovary.