The president also opened the way, the person would get pension

For the welfare of the laborers who have been forced to return empty houses in the future, even after working till the evening, the Social Security Fund has started programs such as pension, @ccident insurance, drug treatment and women’s financial assistance.
In the past, the fund has been opened for social security program after the contribution of the Social Security Act, 2074 after the certification. It has kept the goal of protecting workers and employing financial supports.

Rajkumar Shrestha, executive director of the Social Security Fund, will provide financial assistance to the workers, to provide pension or subsidy to workers, to provide @ccident insurance and medication expenses, if women labor was maternity, due to the accumulated amount they contributed to the life and prosperity of the workers.
Executive Director Shrestha has been working to list workers working in different industries, establishments and small industries, and said that he has also started collecting work.
According to the fund, the government has said that a budget for collecting social security programs has been made by collecting a percentage of income from various employees in social security fund, a percentage of the workers themselves contributed, and the funds are not enough.
According to the fund, 10 percent of the money collected by pension or subsidy workers is to add a percentage of the amount from the employer and enroll them in the employee’s fund.
Social security based on the constitution of Nepal, 2072, has guaranteed fundamental rights. According to this law, Section 34 (2) of the Constitution states that each worker will be entitled to Social Security Funding.
Regarding contribution-based social security, Act 2074, participation in the social security plan must be contributed; the people in informal sector workers and volunteers should be listed in the social security plan, to be listed in both the employers and the laborers both fund.
The fund, established in Vision 2067, 7, has already started work according to the concept of entering computer system and the identity of each contributor to the fund for the identity of Social Security Fund.
Narayan Acharya, director of the fund, said that after the implementation of that Act, the safety of labor will be safe and there will be some relief in the elderly.
He said that arrangements should be made to remove both the employers and the laborers essentially and there is a provision to provide minimum wages.
source: City Dainik