Nepali Wrestling Nuwakote Tiger defeat American Wrestler

Nepali wrestler Nuwakote Tiger wins USA wrester in the Nepali Wresting held in Kathmandu. Nuwakote Tiger registered his name in Pro-Wrestling in Nepal Government Office of Kathmandu District and ran free professional Wrestling training to Nepalese youths after he returned back to his motherland country Nepal in 2004.

He was organizing the national and international Wrestling Mega Events in different places or cities of Nepal such as: Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lamjung, Dumre, Butwal, Arghakhachi, Banepa, Jhapa, Tikapur and so many other shows for students. He informed many schools about Nepal Professional Wrestling to new generation. The wrestler Himalayan tiger was also invited by many schools to share the information and give some lecture about it to their students.
This video is presented by CanadaNepal online TV. It is the wrestling program in which single person is against of another two people. A single person tries to beat with the iron chair to one but another came from backside and beat on the backside of their opponent. It is not a easy game to play. We can proud that Nepalese people are interested in every game and show their participation. Nepali wrestler wins the match. Many audiences are interested to see the live game. We can see many audiences are supporting the wrestler and encouraging them from their side. They are doing their best.