After the husband did not touch committed su!cide, she wrote on Su!cide Note, ‘Do not touch even after the de@d’

32-year-old married woman has committed su!cide after her husband has not even touched herself for 4 years of marriage.
In the su!cide note she wrote that not to let her husband and his family to touch her de@d body. This incident happened in Delhi capital city of India, which has caused a lot of domestic viol*nce.

The woman named Nidhi Bansal from northern Delhi, stayed with her husband Atul Bansal. They get married on December 4, 2013.
After marriage, it has been said that there was a confl!ct between them. During the four-year period, Atul’s has never been lived in the same room with Nidhi, the family source said. That’s why they had a f!ght.
On Friday evening, around 7:00 pm, she had been found in a position of hanging on the ceiling fan of her room. The police recovered su!cide notes from the incident.
In the note, the woman has mentioned that her husband’s family always persecutes herself. When she is living nobody touch her, so not to touch her body after de@th. The police had taken the de@d body for postmortem and gave to her family.
source: Tajakhabar