Once a couple of children who have birth of 4 children and a single cry!

If the heart is sold and if we are able to sell  we can save our children, . The dream of a child is not always a happy event. Gulmi, Ananchok-2, Gita-Janak Kuvran couple of Rattakakhara are also called after the offspring.

Due to unhealthy stomach and p@in, four children were abducted by losing 30 Poush in Lumbini Medical, Palpa Prabhas in 16 mins. Their weight was low, so placed in the ice cell. According to the couple, there is a record of more than 5 lakhs in the hospital for their treatment. Still they are not in full health, so do not know how to feel.
There was also a rare event about four children born. Janak says, “The news from Palpa’s CDs, TVs, also came by listening to the news.
But no one was interested in how to save him. He wants to see his children not come to preach, but to live. Waiting for that but the cost of hospitalization is said. She said, ‘We are ready to sell eyes and hearts to protect them.’
According to Gita, the mother of four children, at the beginning, a clean couple reached the shelter of Government Hospital. But that hospital was not sent to the private hospital to resort, saying that there was no doctor. The hospital sent four children to Lumbini Medical College for intermediate services.