For 10 days the tomato piece was placed inside the bucket, 10 days after seeing this miracle!

When some work takes more than 1/2 months to succeed, if the same thing is done in a few days, miracles are there. One such solution is discussed here and shown in the photo feature.
People have been producing fruits and vegetables at home. Potato and onions are easily grown in the smoothly growing vegetable in the home. But if someone is raising tomatoes in the house, certainly it is necessary to eat tomato seeds more than one and a half months. But one person has grown tomato plants  just in 10 days. How is this work possible?

In social network, one person has publicly announced tomato plants in 10 days. And this way is very easy. He first filled half a piece of soil in a bucket. Turn the tomatoes thin and thin in the bucket again. It is important to note that the tomato piece has many seeds (beats). The more pieces in this piece are seeds, the more it will grow.

After keeping a piece of tomatoes, put some soil on the top of the tomato piece and covered it. By reducing all the soil the tomato piece is less than 1 inch. Then kept for 10 days. 10 days later, short-tomato plants were evolved. He has shared his new technique through social networking, and people have made a plea for such an easy way.