Father of two children says – ‘Son is pleased to act

Comedician Kedar Ghimire is 43 years old from today. In the year 2031, Chaitra 28, he born in Thankot of Makwanpur district, his born name is Devnarayan Ghimire. But it was limited in his birth only and familiar with Kedar Ghimire. He started acting form the year 2058 B.S, his first serial is ‘Hijoaajaka Kura’. But he had entered the media area in the radio. In the radio ‘HBC’, he runs two programs in the beginning.

Seiral, Meri Bassai, started from 2062, identified him as a successful comedy. It became a lucrative lover of the Nepali audience who sought after serial. The audience looked at them in the role of asking for “My Massacre”. The viewer gave a lot of love to him. As a result, Kedar is now known as successful success in Nepalese cosmedy. Kedar worked for almost 8 years in ‘Meri Bassai’. Due to the poor health situation in the past, he has been able to succeed in personal life with artistic.

Even while Kedar was struggling to walk in Kathmandu, he found as Sita as a life partner who reached 18th years of her acting. He did arrange marriage in 2056 years with Sita of Lalitpur. After marriage, Sita has helped to Kedar’s career to be very successful. Sita was also able to act in Seiral while the demand for artists succeeded. She has acted as a second wife of Kedar in the same serial ‘Meri Bassai’ for a few years. The last time she is looking at YouTube serial ‘Khaskhus’. She is in the role of Sita in the lead. Also, Sita is busy at stage programs for the last time.

The children are also active in acting, a son of Aashish (16 years) and a daughter of Aayusha (11 years). Kedar’s daughter is also interested in acting. His son, Aashish, worked for some years as ashild artists. He also played the role of the son of Magne in Serial. Similarly, her daughter Aayusha also worked in some parts of Meri Bassai. But her role did not seem to be so easily missed because of her acting. But she has said some short comedy videos in YouTube. ”

source:  forseenetwork