These are the five reasons that increases blackness of Armpit

It is not a big problem that armpits became black, it is normal. Do you want to be free from such problem then be careful about it that is responsible for?

1. Hair remover Cream: It is responsible for your armpit being black. If you use hair remover cream then stop it.
2. Using Raiser: It makes your armpit black and makes your hair hard. Think once more before using it.
3. Use of DO: You may feel shock, whatever perfume that you use for good smelling makes your armpit black. So decrease in its use.
4. De@th Skin: De@th skin is always for black and may be hard and black according to its time. So you need to clean it in time.
5. Sweat: Sweat is also responsible for making skin color dark. If you sweat more then you may have this problem