The children celebrated de@th celebrations of the father, that’s why funer@l start with dancing

In the de@th of someone there is a grief throughout the house. However, on the last visit of an industrialist, surprise everyone, his daughters are celebrating. His funer@l was removed with musical band. 4 daughters celebrated their celebrations. They all were astonished when they went to their father’s shrine and visit the shrine.

The Indian industrialist and Noida Interpreneurs Association, former president of Haryabai Lalbani, di*d on Thursday in New Delhi. It was said to be hospitalized in crit!cal condition due to brainstroke, Lalbani died in the hospital. His funer@l has been held on Saturday. According to Anita, the elder daughter of Lalbani, the festival of de@th was the desire of the deceased. When the birth of a child is celebrated, same as it he had desire to be celebrated in his de@th. He thought that ‘de@th might be very beautiful, for that one should lost their life.’ Because Lalbani wanted such journey to get such a beautiful de@th as a last festive event in the world, so they had celebrated such celebrations, Anita says.

source: Dainik Online