5 years old girl sings Chinese song, Next birth of Teria Magar, sings Kutuma Kutu as this

Divanshu Baisawar is 5 years old girl who has a talent of dancing, singing and many others. She can sings well and dance as well. She has an aim to be to be a singer as well as a perfect dancer. She has a talent in some acting. She has an official page in YouTube and shares her videos. Many audiences like and encourage her to be best in her future. She can sing not only the Nepali songs but also can sing Chinese song and can speak in Chinese too. She starts dancing for one and half years and shows her movements with music.

She was supporting by her father, Karna Baisawar. He provides the new songs that comes in the market and let her to practice in those songs. He identified the talent of his daughter and supports her. He is providing the platform for her to show her talent. Obviously she is talented in extra activities as well as in her study too. She studies in grade L.K.G. She looks cute and beautiful that nobody can stay without loving her.
Her father use to take her in different stage program and show her talent over there. This video is the presentation of Naya Naya News Nepal and published on 11 November, 2017.