Rabi Lamichanne made a sensational video by creating a big r!sk in his life when the police is unable to give security

This is the video of news broadcasting in News24 channel with the host Rabi Lamichanne. Today he has brought an issues of a river where leaders runs the business of sand by destroy the rules of government. There are many people who show two faces infront of us. Now it is the running time for preparing the election. Those leaders who didn’t care our respect. But now they are visiting our home to beg a vote for their party and have the desire for winning the post.

Today there is a news report that is prepared by visiting that place. The place is Tisnag, Litang of Morang. They tried to send the TV journalist but the police officer Arunkumar B.C say that they cannot provide safety for the journalist then they reached Morang in one hour from Kathmandu. There some businessman runs cursor business by destroying the rules of the government. When the journalist asked for the security then the police officer replied that they need order of their heads.
Durga Gautam tried to take a video of such !llegal work and handle it to this program. But he was k!dnapped and with the help of police he was rescue. Here the journalist Rabi, himself went there and informed the AIG Pashupati Upadhaya. There is another issue of election. They are organizing the party with political leaders who are trying to make people fool and can get vote easily.