Is there a black stain in the plate of ironing iron? Remove it easily

In a period of time, a person who does not remove iron ornaments in a cloth, it is essential to put iron on our clothes, even if we do not know the iron, it is essential to wear iron ornaments on clothes. So that the cloth is new, it is always affecting the person’s personality. Therefore, school students, teachers, employees; businessmen need to put iron in cloth to look attractive to everyone.

But sometimes, the lower part of the iron that we use is black in the part of the metal, which is why it is very likely that the iron-colored black-colored scarlet cloth is much more likely to fall into our clothes. Therefore, it is very important to remove that stain from Iron in time.
Today we have brought a solution to easily remove the stains in Iran. See below ideas and videos

Method Number 1:
Eating Soda and Water
Put two tablespoons in a spoon and make a paste / paste prepared in the dough of the iron plate. Put the paste
Clean the paste in iron with wet cloth.
If it has a hole in your iron, also clean it on the plate.
On a hot iron by making full mode the whole vertical keep
Make iron hot impasse clean iron, kitchen towel can used
And clean cloth and iron / iron poured off and cool post later, is how you can clean your iron plate
Method Number 2:
Vinegar and salt
You can also clean iron by mixing the vinegar and salt, two split of the Vinegar and a part of salt, then use it to boil the salt, and apply it to the iron, and then let the cold salt and vinegar in the iron plate and clean it.