Do these all in the morning recently after you wake up

Morning is the symbol of a day and morning starts day. So people love in the morning and pray for goodness. Good health is necessary for good day. Physical exercises make a man healthy. So, most of the people are busy in their physical exercises.

Physical exercises as well as they are active in praying. They tried to make their min peace and make god happy.
1. Drink water that you put in metal pot in the morning. For that you need to fill the metal water pot with water before you go to your bed and drink in the morning which is very effective for the problems related with your stomach such as: constipation, undigested, gastric. Before applying this method you can consult to your doctor.
2. Oil massage is also another part that makes us healthy. In the countryside area people do oil massage in the evening but the good time for oil massage is morning time. Oil massage provides charm in your skin. And it is good to apply oil before taking bath. Oil massage reduces the tiredness and gives a new energy to the body.

3. Watering the plant ‘Tulsi’ every day after taking bath and believe that we can get the care of god. A home where we get Tulsi, there we can get care and happiness. Tulsi is taken as a God Bishnu.
4. Watering the sun is good. According to anthropology, those who water the sun get happiness and can get respect in the society. It is necessary to do for good health and increase glowing in the face. And can get many health tips.
5. If you can feed bread to a cow then feed it before cooking food. It is believed that many problems will remove if it is done and there won’t be lack of food and wealth.
6. Doing yoga and meditation is the perfect way to be healthy and makes our body energetic. Yoga saves us from different diseases and fall positive impact. Meditation controls our anger and makes us free from tension and also increase the immunity power to fight with diseases.
7. Praying in your own home where you separate for praying is good. The light and smoke of Diyo remove the negative impact of our surroundings.