Nepali music video Kharani video by Prashant Paudel Ft. Suman Khatiwoda & Tilochan Paudel

Prashant Paudel, who is rich in multi talent in the past, has been named in the public in the last time in Nepali folk music. He uses good pen on all folklore, modern and pop songs. Every song she produces is excellent, and she is also a good singer artist. Not only that, he has also introduced the director of the latest music video ‘Kharani’ via his direction. Paudel who returned to Nepal after returning abroad, is busy in songs writing, singing and instruction. She has taken a high height of her loudly guided video and directed. Gates make it really passionate because of the words kept in the song and those who act in the act.

No one likes to see the song I feel like I’m looking for a song, so I’m looking for a real person’s life. It is also less appreciated by the song and music that has been praised by Prashant and the most entertaining artists of classical music and sound as well as all the entertaining artists.
The words of zinc cannot even be the heart of people with very strong minds. And let’s have a pity. In the song Suman Khatiwada and Tilochan Paudel and mother, Rukumaya Poudel, is so alive to act as much as she does. The reason for which song has become very emot!onal.
The song is available with Paudel’s voice, words and rhythm. Paudel has directed the song including music videos.