Are you leaving your Small Child at Home? Must care of these things

Consumer goods are expensive. Extra expenses are also rising. Cerebral diarrhea is increasing due to the internet, the vehicle, the electrical material etc. In this case, one’s earnings are hard to lock at home only. In such cases, earning is not enough. Husband, wife is required to do all the work.
They get out of the house early in the morning and return only at night.
In such a situation, when their children come from school, the house needs to stay alone. Sometimes it also happens that the parents should leave their children alone at home alone. There was no problem in leaving the older children at home. However, if children are young, their parents should consider many things.

Mobile required
Mobile phones are very important when they are alone at home. In such a situation the child has a problem or if you talk to your child, you can be called immediately. This can keep you in touch with your children and get information about what they are doing.
Do not shut down in the room
Some parents also do that in the excuse to keep the child safe, closing the door of the room walks in work. They have the intention that the child cannot get out when they are not. But doing so can be fatal. The baby should never stop walking in the room. If e@rthquake comes or comes to light, then they are locked inside.
Teach to open lock
The child should have to open the door to open or close the door. It is very important when parents are not at home. So that they can get the necessary curtains out of the house and enter the house.
Food arrangement
When leaving home, the parent should put things to eat on the table. The children play very much and the reason why they are tired soon. They are not good to go to the kitchen. So food should be kept in the living room only.
If they are not at home, the child is worried that the child walks out or walks out. In such cases, let us know about any game or homework given to them, so that they may be busy with it and do not rebel out of the house.