World d@ngerous runway: only 8 pilots can land and takeoff the plane in the world

There are many d@ngerous runways in the world, but a runway is justified where some pilots are allowed because they are excellent pilots.
The sc@riest runway in Bhutan:
Landing and Takeoff are both musical tasks in the Peru Airways runway in Bhutan. The Peru Airport of Bhutan is as d@ngerous as naturally as it is. Boeing, a well-known company of big aircraft, has included it in the world’s most d@ngerous airport. Here only experienced and skilled pilots can only landing. You are surprised that 8 pilots of the World Warrior are only able to land here.

Runway at the bottom of the mountain:
Bhutan is sitting in the Himalayasa. It is full of high mountains and trees. Before traveling to Peru Airport, the plane should travel from the base of the mountain. Some places in the mountain have also been built. The runway here does not appear far away. While traveling on the mountain, suddenly the runway appears. In such a case, control over the aircraft is difficult for a simple pilot. Additionally, most of the tomb air runs in this place, due to which Pilates should have an extra effort to balance the aircraft.
Allow landing only in the afternoon
This airport’s runway’s length is only 6,500 feet away. One of the shortest runways in the world is to make a plane land a very difficult task. Peru Airport only allows landing and take-ups of the day. Only when cleaning the weather. In special circumstances light special arrangements are made during nighttime flights.