Tirsana Budhathoki Nepali Model

Trishna Budhathoki is a very controver$!@l and h@ted models of Nepal. She is very loud and like to act very erot!c.

Sometimes she does love do make some art and wow people but most of the time she just acts as herself and does crazy things like uploading semi nu*d@ pictures on social media of f!ght!ng with the interviewer or even saying that taking nu*d@ pictures is her right.

And recently she uploaded a new video and it is sh)cking. In the video, she goes to a hotel and books a room. She goes inside and starts to talk on the phone while getting drunk. She then starts to act very unusually and dances and starts to strip off her clothes.

She then wr@ps her body with a towel and gets inside the washroom. She puts water in the tub and gets in it. She then starts to rub her body very $educt!vely and acts in a very $e*y way. The video is very h)t and is available on YouTube.