Children fall in bad company: such reasons, every parent should read

Every parent has a dream to make their children a good person like doctors, engineer and send them to foreign countries to have a high post in the society. But how will such dreams be succeed? Parents are weaving the wave of their dream but where their children lost the way, they didn’t get it. They believe more than they need and their compulsion of not giving time to their children.

During the talk are the parents are doing politics with their children or not. Or they are trying to fulfill the dream that left because of their personal problem. Children face various up and down during their studies. In the context of Nepal children are not sensitive in such future and other skilled trainings.
Parents are also far of these all. They just know to get high education, not to visit and any how need to get pass marks in examination. Study is for learning not for marks but here is the trend that study for marks and degree. Most of the parents are providing the electronic equipments that help to go away from their house. That’s why children learn more negative aspect than positive.
Parents sent their children far from them for further studies. They need to handle all the household works as well as they need to continue their study too. Such environment sent them in bad company and falls in bad activities.