New world record, 58 soliders in a bike!

The Indian Army has set up a record by performing a new record. 58 personnel of the Indian Army are riding at one single time in the same motorcycle. The Indian air force camp in Banglore Yalahangama has been such a record. In the CC’s Royal Infield Motorcycle, 58 soldiers had once raced to 125 meters away.

To get the passengers in the bike, the right place was connected to both sides. The soldier had eaten 100 millimeters of water and biscuits only to avoid being weaker. Remember, the Army Service Corps of the Indian Air Force has set the world and national record in various 20 ways.
People with different skill can be seen in the life. People born in different places have different talents. People are trying to keep records in various skilled and talent. People wants to be popular with their talents. But is amazing that a bike can hold 58 person at once and how it became possible. Can you imagine it? This is a report prepared and published by on 23rd November. You can see such video in the official YouTube Channel. It is connected with social media. We can see many video that made the world record in various talent.