Apply these methods to stay happy after Marriage

How to make a marriage relation strong? One content: Marriage to stay for a whole life. So, to make a life happy after marriage you need to share the problems and take out the solutions and need to give time for it. The time spending with each other is the communication between them. Many problems may rise after marriage. And there may not be any alternatives to go ahead by solving the problems. So it is important to talk with each other and find out the solutions.

Making carrier is not a successful life of a couple. So each couple has to consult with each other and need to develop advising capacity. In some condition both of a couple has different views and opinions which is unknown to both before marriage. Such conditions may create problems in the life. So, both of couple needed to respect the views and opinions to go ahead. Fulfilling the responsibility does not save the marriage. So you need to go for visit, giving surprise party or whatever your partner wants, such activities make your relation strong.
One of the most important is that you should not misbehave your partner and may raise problems during loneliness. You should not stay outside in friends need and always become busy in work too. Such problem may create misunderstanding between a couple. You need to go for visit for 2/4 times in a year. Such visiting adds the memorable memories and your relation will be strong and also get to say openly whatever in their mind. Only a physical happiness do not make a relation strong so emotion should be attached with physical relation. You should not let your partner to think alone.