Do not bring such 5 things in the house, will come, poverty, cr!sis

In our Nepali society there are many values of belief and we cannot even eliminate any of these beliefs.
Some of our ancestors have also been associated with Saturday.
Our ancestors have made many rules that Saturday should not have a bad effect.
According to astrology, there are such beliefs that we should not do on Saturdays to avoid Shani’s influence.
Saturdays must be sure to come to know that such a thing is believed that Shani Dev is angry about something we do on Saturday.

Oil is considered to be Saturn’s most expensive and it is time to donate oil.
Saturn is considered to be the planet’s planet. So good when not buying shoes on Saturdays. On this day, buyers are believed to be facing the disease while buying shoes.
Do not drink the grains on Saturday and do not buy it. Due to this, the family remains stubborn, and a drink on Saturdays recognizes that poverty is allowed at home.
To Saturn the Saturn, these measures will be done Saturdays, will be fulfilled, wishing
If you are buying goods for home, avoid buying salt on Saturdays. On Saturday, buying a salt is said to be lending home.
Saturdays should not buy goods manufactured on iron. Iron is considered as a metal metal. Iron is the value of donation on this day. Saturdays are believed to be angry when buying iron on this day .