Do not buy these type of potatoes

If you are buying potatoes in the market then do not buy potatoes that contain plants: it is h@rmful for human life. It is a compulsion curry in every kitchen. We can mix it with any kind of vegetables. Not only it we can boil and fried to eat. It is use maximum in the world. Mainly Nepal and India have more producer and consumer in comparison to other. We can store it and can use as our needs. But stored potatoes are not beneficial. Such potatoes may affect negatively.

Potatoes with wrinkles:
After long time, it will lose its water level and produce wrinkles. Such potatoes are used as seed. If we store for long time it start to wrinkle and plants starts to grow in it; use it as seed. Those potatoes are h@rmful to consume. Po!sonous element will enter in our body if we consume such potatoes.
Green in color:
Be careful while buying potatoes. If the cover of potatoes are turning into green in color then stop to consume it. It changes its color when we store it for long time and you should throw such part. Green part of potatoes will be po!onous.
Potatoes with budding:
Potatoes start to bud if we store it for long time. Mainly such are use for planting but we take out all the buds and consume which is not good or our health.
Doing such will be beneficial:
It is not only testy but also a healthy food for our health. It contains vitamiv-C, B-complex, iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. If we boil it and have with its cover, it doesn’t lose its nutritions.