If you know the mixture of your Makeup goods then you will stop doing Makeup, Let’s know about it

1. Dust of Insects: There is a use of insects dust in red lipstick. If you are making a color in your lips red then you are putting beetle in your mouth.
2. Snail: Facial that we use to look beautiful. In such cream there is an element that is sticky, produce by snail.

3. Cock/ Hen’s bone: A bone of hen or cock contain glucosamine in inner part that makes our skin soft.
4. Outer skin of child’s $ex: Cream contain the dirt came from child’s $ex.
5. Whale: Amber-grace that found inside the stomach of mammal is used in perfumes. It plays the role in vomiting. To make a smell of perfume for a long time, it is used.
6. Fish Rind Bark: It adds shine in Nail Polish.
7. Cholesterol: It is used to add the quality of fatness and sticky in a cream that increased the age.