Amazing benefits Turnip that grows in own garden, these are the benefits for our physical body.

There are various natural fruits that is very useful in human life. Mean our body need the seasonal food according to the seasons.
Such product is Turnip which is used as salad. It is in dark red color and adds the quantity of blood in our body. It contains iron as well as vitamin C too.

Many do not know about it and have main quality of iron that plays the vital role in human life. It throws the h2rmful elements from our body.
Leaves too beneficial
Leaves are also beneficial. Leaves contain more iron in the comparison to fruit. It is full of vitamin A. It throws the h@rmful substances from our body and works as natural cleanser. It contains potassium, sodium, calcium, fiber etc. and also provides energy.
What is red color in turnip?
It has wonderful red color that is the main cause of iron and it contains nutritional diet.
Red cell that contain anti-oxidant is good for our health.
Folic acid, potassium adds the nutritional quality. It helps to be safe from diseases.
Nowadays it cannot get proper place in our diet. It helps to remove the diseases. As well as the thing of beauty too. It adds hemoglobin and adds glow in our face.