These 2 leaves k!ll your Diabetes

Two green leaves k!ll your diabetes naturally. Diabetes often refer by the doctors describes that the high level of sugar in human and produce more insulin but the body didn’t get the insulin properly. If you are suffering by having medicines of Diabetes then go through these leaves and have amazing results.

How to make a medicine from in?
You should not need to eat the leaves and should not drink the juice of leaves. But just make the leaves touch your foot. This is a different type of treatment than others. For it you need 2 fresh oak leaves.
How to apply?
You need to apply the leaves on your foot from the back of the leaf, apply as same as in another foot and wear shocks. Leave it for a whole day and clean your foot before going to your bed. Apply these for 1 week with new leaves. Then you check your blood sugar level, you will be amaze. You should apply this process until your blood sugar level becomes normal.
Be careful: You should not apply the milk of oak leaves. It may d@mage your eyesight. You should not apply this process during pregnancy and mensuration time.