When 13-year-old daughter was ill while she was diagnosed with her pregnancy, reveals her brother raped 10 times in 1 year.

After finding out that 13-year-old daughter was !ll, she was diagnosed with pregnancy – her brother had r@ped her 10 times in 1 year.
When the father took his 13-year-old daughter to the hospital saying she was s!ck, he had become shocked. This inc!dent had fallen in Kanjag city of Malaysia. The Doctor told him that his daughter was pregnant for 7 months after getting her to the hospital for treatment.

After hearing about the doctor, he could not find out how this inc!dent happened. Then he took his daughter to the house from the hospital. The name of this family has not been opened. When he asked a teenager at home and then the surprise was revealed. According to the teenager, her own brother who was 16 years old make her pregnant.
She has revealed that he has r@ped her for a year ago till now. She has been r@ped. The teenager’s reveals that he r@ped her sister in the absence of their parents at home.