What does family planning mean? Have to know

The means of family planning are permanent and temporary, there are 2 types. Permanently women and men both can be used called Family Planning. It does not affect health, but in women, the back p@in causes, but it does not cause p@in due to surgery. At some time the tubes cannot be properly tired if they are not tight. Occasionally a tattoo cannot be found in a lobster at home, in that condition, bleeding should be done in a woman’s condition and complicated complications.

Permanent family planning is said that a person gets less $exual desire, but it does not happen. Men will lose their $exual desire due to their own reasons. Permanent family planning is more likely to fail in men. As a result, women get pregnant. Temporary means of family planning include condoms, pills, Depo-Provera, Norplant, IUCD, diaphragm. Both men and women can be used.
Condoms are the best temporary means of family planning. If you can do it well, the failure rate is low. Also protects from $exually transmitted diseases. If the condoms is not be used properly, then the possibility of failure is up to 18 percent. If the women regularly eat pupils, the rate of failure is the lowest. But women should eat that pill at the right time. If you have eaten the night, you should eat the night and forget the night if you forget the night. The pupils also rescue the cancer in the abdomen.
But the pills are very similar to the possibility of breast cancer. Especially the pills do not eat after 40 years. Do not eat the pills on high blood pressure. Pills side effects may include initial symptoms, ringtones, and eating habits. Due to long-term usage, these problems are going to be normal. Depo-Provera’s are injection in three / three months. Women can also depot Depo-Provera’s at all. The flame rate is more than the pills. The person who give injection that cannot be well if 3 percent are likely to be failed.
Many women say that weighs weight by means of family planning. But Depo-Provera does not increase weighing. Due to the weakness of women entering injection, eating too much food increases. The major effect of Depo-Provera is not to be deceptive. If there is pneumonia, there may be a lot of bleeding. Women can only implant after 6-6 months leaving the Depo-Provera.
Norplant is given for 7 years. It’s expensive than other means. So it is not easy to find. Norplant should be used from trained person. Even if it is in the body, it does not affect any kind of physical activity.
Under the IUCD, the lumps contain lumps. Coperty is used in Nepal. Once it is applied, it works for 12 years. The abusive man can be used without knowing. If there is a concrete center, it can also be removed if it is removed. Using capillary stomach ache, legs, and thighs during pregnancy. Occasionally bleeding is more frequent. After finishing the capability, should be tested from time to time.
After 40 years, Depo-Provera, Norplant, IUCD should be used. But 40 years later, Pills do not eat. After 40 years of pills, high r!sk is likely to increase, stroke.
No use of IUCD
When pregnant or doubt of pregnancy
When there is infection in abdomen of fallopian tube
If there was a problem with pregnancy at the atomic tubes at any time
When there is excessive bleeding or p@in during months of maternity
If there is bleeding
If not ever pregnant