Megha Chaudhary, who is undergoing medical treatment at the patient’s doctor in stool and urine on Bir Hospital

On social network Facebook, on Monday, Durganath Dahal uploaded a photo and video of a person abducted in stool and urine. Videos and photographs of those patients who were undergoing uncontrollable in the @ccidental room of the country’s oldest hospital, became infected in Facebook. The condition of the patient in video and photos looks very delicate and miserable. He was not dressed under the waist and was completely covered with drainage.

Within 24 hours of the video placed on Facebook, more than one million watched photos and videos had more than one thousand shares. The comments also came very similar. There was more to show love for her and wishing health. However, no one was able to take the necessary initiative for her treatment.
Photographs and videos of the unborn !ll-treated patient in Facebook touched the mind of Megha Chaudhary, Director of the Nirvik Hospital. He immediately called for the photo and video uploading Dahal. And, arrangements were made to free their treatment at Nirvik.
Megha sent a team along with Ambulance to take the patient from Bir Hospital. The teams were getting sick while reaching the team, there was a wound in the parts around the side of the mold and the sewage. Five days ago, the condition of those patients brought to Nirvik is now improving. If their wound is going on, the infection is also decreasing.
According to Megha, has provided free of cost and food with the hospital. The patients have not yet found the patient. After treatment, the patient has given information only about his name Madan Pokharel and home is in Ramechhap.
‘Seeing viral video in the social network, I have received information about her condition,’ Meghalaya said, ‘then I immediately sent the team for free treatment. Now he has improved a lot. According to him, those people are now undergoing treatment at Nirvik’s Bed No. 22 9.
Megha, director of Nirvik hospital, informed that the hospital has provided 10 percent of the beds according to the government for free treatment of poor patients. “We are also free of remedies for other poor, like those who have been rescued during the past,” she said, “The government hospital had to refuse to treat such poor patients.”
Dahal said that the patients who were in stool and urine, after receiving treatment, said, ‘A social network has helped a patient get a new life.’ He provided free treatment to the poor patients in 10 percent of the beds of all the private hospitals in the country, and many untreated patients will get treatment.