Do you know? Who suffer from AIDS in the begging and how?

On December 1st World AIDS Day is through the world. In 1988 it is celebrated to aware people about AIDS. That’s why whole world is able to know about it. But here is such view that may not know by the world. In reality who suffer from AIDS in the begging and how. Simply people describes in their own views. But there is wrong information shared in our society that it cause by $exual relation.

As well there is another reason of causing AIDS. According to the research done in this topic says that it transfer through Chimpagi. In 1908, Chimpangi makes a person injured by scratching in the forest of Camron. And the hunter had deep wound. At that time injured chimpagi’s blood mixed with hunter’s body and get infection. That spray the virus through the world. So that hunter made a mistake.
In 1980, whole world knew about a person name “Gaitan Dugasa”. According to his occupation he was a Canadian Flight attended. According to the information, he used to make relation with millions of people to infect them. So he was named as “Patient Zero”.