These are 8 signs that shows insufficient water in your body, all need to know

It is impossible to live without water. Water plays an important role inside our body. It controls our body temperature and helps in digestive system. As well as reduces the h@mful chemicals from our body. So we need to drink sufficient water. If you do not drink sufficient water then you need to face some problems.

Tea, coffee, juice that we drink cannot take as need liquid substance. Coffee and other drinks contain coffin that makes our body dry. Today we are giving the information about it. These are the 8 signs.
1. Number of doing urine: A healthy person does 6/7 time in average. Some drinks and some do not. That’s why number of it is different with persons. If you do less than 2/3 times then it shows that you are not drinking sufficient water. Kidney cannot do its work properly. So our body needs sufficient water to maintain our body process.
2. Dry skin: Water makes our skin soft and charm. Sufficient water makes our skin healthy. Dry skin is the symbolization of insufficient water. Your face is dry, you use lotion on it but also your face seems dry then it is because of insufficient water. So you need to drink 1 glass of water in each hour that will help to make your skin soft and healthy.
3. Head ache: If your head ache while going up and down in the stair, looking down, running fast then it indicates the insufficient water in your body.
4. Dryness in mouth: Your mouth rarely watered and it is caused by lack of water. If you are suffering from dryness in your mouth then a bottle of water with you.
5. Color of Urine: If the color of urine change then it is the symbol of insufficient water. Urine will be cleared if water is sufficient. If the color is dark then you need to be hurry to drink water but should not drink huge at once. That makes you !ll. So drink slowly. Color will help to know the water quantity in our body.
6. Hungry: You are hungry then you have food but also you feel hungry. It is the symbol of insufficient water.
7. Dizziness: Sometimes you may waste liquid material from your body. You need to face problem of dizziness. In such condition it is a normal to the player. So you need to drink enough water.
8. Another Symptoms: If there is lack of water then these symptoms can be seen.
• Infection
• Growth before time.
• Disturbances
• Increase in cholesterol
• Constipation