Watering Eyes, brother’s ‘precious gifts’ to sister, make sense when you understand reality

A laborer has given her sister a valuable gift of life to her sister. She gave such a gift to her sister for a long time, she would remain a unique example. Those brothers of Varanasi in India have given such a gift to their sister. Those laborers named Munna have given their sister toilet (honorable house) gifts.

After giving this gift, he won the title ‘Brother No.1’ given by the administration. The local administration has honored him today. He had given the gift to the sister in custody. Munna’s sister Nagina, a resident of Badagaon of Varanasi, is 17 years old and she is blind. According to Munna, sister had to get out of the toilet without getting toilet outside the house. Due to this, Munna did overtime for hunger for a period of six months due to an accident or any other wrongdoing. The villagers departed for the defense came together and made a toilet together with the mistress.
According to Sister Nagina, she did not see the eye because she was afraid to go to toilet. Brother Munna told him to give a special gift to him. According to that, he made a toilet and gave a gift to the sister. In the eyes of Nagina, she was 4 years old when she was suffering from infection. Her mother told that she would spend Rs 4 lakhs to operate her eyes. Munna is now working to raise money for sister’s treatment.