Awesome Cantilever Bridge In Gorkha Nepal

Nepal is the country with varieties of geographical features. In some parts of Nepal there is no even proper road to walk.

In some part no any vehicles is been reached and people should walk a miles to walk over there. Here is the video of Gorkha Krauja VDC and it is called Yaru Bagar.

Here you can see amazing thing. You can see how people are making a way to reach the place. Here the bridge is been made on the wall of the hill. This is called cantilever bridge, such bridge are famous in Switerzland and here in Nepal too you can see it. This is stick to the hill and people use this way to go here and there. This looks so d@nger)us yet very wonderful.

This will amaze as well as scare people. You can see there is nothing down the bridge and it is stick on the wall like the mother carrying her baby. From this way the eastern part of the people of Gorkha comes here and there as this has made them easy to travel. People here were living on a scarce but this bridge has made them easy to some extent. Here in this video you can see this bridge.