When the finger of the foot was added to the Teaching Hospital

Plastic surgeon Dr. Ishwor Lohani was busy in his work in Maharajgunj at TU Teaching Hospital. On one day, only little finger on his right hand came to the hospital for treatment.
Dr. Lohani looked at your sickness. The finger of the patient’s was completely cut by a machine. The doctor did not immediately add the finger to his hand because he did not get the fingers.

However, Dr. Lohani felt that the finger was easy to do with many tasks that were found to be helpful. He told the patient to cut the finger of the foot and add it to the hand.
Many do not believe that there is a lot of surgery in Nepal even if there is a lot of progress in medical science. Therefore, a combination of hand-to-hand surgery for the surgery is difficult for the patient to get permission from the patient. However, those patients who cut the finger of the hand accepted the offer of Dr. Lohani. Then he cut a finger of his feet and joined the place where he had a big finger. After getting finger and old finger, he has been very comfortable at work.
After adding the finger of the foot to the hand, Dr. Lohani has not yet forgotten the brightness of the patient in his face. That is why he adds many s!ckly finger, but he is still unable to forget the patient.
Dr Lahohi has successfully made a treaty after cutting the meat in ten times after the child is brought back. The baby could get the finger again after surgery. Thus, the case that was sent by the finger, did not break the finger cannot counted in the finger.
Dr. Lohni says, ‘The fingers and hand-to-hand surgery are in teaching but many are not aware of this.’ Dr. Lohani said that there was a lack of awareness about people who were not conscious about plastic surgery.