Conditions of Nepalese Women in Qatar

The Nepali girl who came to Qatar by millions of Rupees Nepalese manpower was the condition of Chelsea! They came to the living room and were seen to be slaughtered by slipping hands on the living room.

There is also a queue between the Gulf countries as the main destination of Nepalese employment. Although there is a small country, Nepali people are working in the number of millions. Some of the Nepali women have also reached home as a domestic worker. According to the news, at the time of the news, women in the foreign land are considered not safe. But today a video has taken care of it. In the native land and in the meantime, in the Gulf countries, women workers would not have much protection.
One of the doubled water dung waters of the woman, which has reached a queue by pouring millions of rupees to Nepalese manpower’s, has been shattered by watching a video. A broker arrives without taking an official person to work in the queue and works without compromising force. But if she is not considered unmarried, then she commits. During the conversation, the Arabic broker puts hands to the woman and slippers also. It is very sad to see all the scenes.