Sunko Sikri by Shree Krishna Luitel, need to watch by all

Singer Krishna Lautel, meaning that the new song of the bearded beast has become public. The lyrics of the public are ‘gold of gold’, and this song has been publicized through YouTube with the video. It is mentioned in the video that is going to be a malicious video of foreigners leaving foreigners.

The problem of foreign employment has been shown in a striking way of video on this song. Shree Krishna himself has got words and music in this song that is public. In the song Manisha Pokharel has given him singing together.
The video of this song is ready for Yuvraj Yuba, Satosh, Sanji, Suraj, Niraj, Richha’s acting. The song festivals of the song have been implanted. Shri Krishna Lauite is also known as a comedy singer.
This song indicates to those foreign employees. People went to foreign country to earn money and have a luxurious life with their partners and family but those who are in own country, they stay happy and have another relation with others. And they do drama as they are really worried about them. Some think that people sent their partner to run affair with another people. Those who are in foreign countries need to face various sufferings but their partner didn’t care about them and neglect them to have fun with others. This is the present scenario of those foreign employees.