Ashapureshwor Mahadev, believe to have child who is a childless

Ashapuri located in Bhaktapur district is an important religious place. There is a belief in reaching this temple because of vowel and heart-loving and hopefulness. In particular, many devotees will be worshiped to make Mahadev happy by going to the temple after making a vow to fulfill their work and reach their mind.

If any person has any imagination in his heart, he will escape the Ashapureshwor Mahadev to fulfill his expectations. By reading Chandi in Ashapureshwor Mahadev, there is a belief that the child is given birth to them. Thousands of devotees go to Ashapureshwor to complete this hope.
The real name of Ashapuri Mahadev is Ashapureshwor Mahadev. History and cultureist, Satyamohan Joshi, who became unhappy with Ashshapurwar, has become wishful. Mahadev, who is especially interested in the desire of the mind, is found to be the legendary place of Ashapureshwor Mahadev. Especially in Ashapureshwor, the people who have no children and worshiped for the acquisition of the son.
Ashapuri Mahadev Nachal and Kankrabari are present at the two river banks. This surroundings surrounded by mountains are very delightful. The front of the temple has returned to the south. Shivlang of Ashapureshwor Mahadev, which is situated inside the temple, is a small black stone which looks very beautiful. The serpent of the copper serpent of Shivlang has made the idol more attractive.
Various idols of idols have been replaced by Ganesha around the main temple. There are five lofty streams (five rockethed) back to the north north of the temple, where 24 hours a day beneath the kalkal sound.

Ashapuri Mahadev is a history of religious and cultural significance. Ashapuri Mahadev is the temple built in Lichhavi period. Which is one of the 64 Shivling described in Shivpuran. In the month of May, Hindu women have reached Ashapuri, Kedar Nath’s head, Doleshwor and Kailashdaam, the highest level of Nepal, reached the last time in Bhaktapur.
With the fame and excavation of Jagati-Doleshwar-Ashapuri road extension, the devotees have begun to feel devotees in the Ashpuri Mahadev temple in the south east of Bhaktapur. Locals say that hundreds of devotees who came to Ashapuri Mahadev have come to be hundreds of devotees daily.
In particular, when Doleshwar Mahadev was head of Kadarnath, the devotees came there from the village of Doleshwar, which started to reach four km west of Ashapuri, said local Rajendra Tamang. Thousands of devotees come on Monday morning.
Now the Ashapuri Mahadev Temple, which is located in Surayevnakay Municipality-7, is 10 km from the Jagati check post at Bhaktapur and the border of Kavra, where it takes about two hours a half-hour walk and walks through walking jaw.