Billionaire who gives 500 cars gift to the employer, son is the workers of the father

Sabji Dholakiya trades the Surat diamond in Gujarat. His company is the company of Hari Krishna Diamond Export one billion rupees. Its business is spread in 71 countries. If Sabji wants, all the facilities of the world can be given to the son. But they are different. Sabji ordered Drabya Dholakiya, a 21-year-old son to live a simple life and work for a month.

He came to India by studying management from America. In 21, according to the father’s orders, he got three paired clothes and seven thousand rupees and reached the south of Kochi. Father’s order, whatever seven thousand rupees given to him, will be used only in a big emergency situation. Sabji says, I told my son, he would have to earn money for himself. The Father had ordered them to do more than one week in one place. If he was prevented from telling his father’s identity, it was prohibited to use a mobile phone. Even if the seven thousand rupees were given from home, the money did not use it as much as possible.
Sabji, who keeps his son in such condition, says, I wanted to remember my son’s life, how the poor work, they struggle to get money and jobs. No universities can teach you these things about life. This can only be learned from the experience of free life. The name of Sabji was the first time a discussion was discussed, while he had 200 flats for employees and 500 cars in the gift of bonus. Even small masses also accepted the challenge given by the father. He wanted to go to a place where he was not fit. Even so far the language is different from the language. Says Sabji, son decided to go to Kochi.
Because he was flowing. And there was usually Hindi speaking. It is a matter of experience in your work experience, the first five days did not work with me or a boss to stay. I asked 60 places for job and I was not given job. I knew the first time in life, how important is my job in life.
Where he wanted to ask for a job, he created a fake story that he was born in the poor family of Gujarat and read only to grade 12. The mass found the first job in Bakery. He then worked on the call center and worked on the McDonald’s shop with a shoe. After completing the entire month, he earned four thousand Indian rupees till the end of the month.
The Drabya says, I never had money for the first time, but when she reached Kochi. Thank you for eating 40 rupees daily. He needs 250 rupees to sleep in the lodge. The liquid returned home after a month. The fluid with good memories of your country is going to New York on August 5. Where he will study the BBA.