Japanese and Korean look 16 when they are in age of 50/60

Rice has been using as an object of beauty form centuries. Especially rice plays an important role in Japanese beauty. Rice contain vitamin B that develops the cells and delay the process of growing age.
They used mask of rice to seem young. You can also see the changes in your face by using the facial made with milk, rice and honey that makes your skin soft and glow.

Making Methods:
Cook 2/3 spoon of rice to make it soft, take it out and put it in a clean pot. And then wash it, then mix it with milk and then add honey in it. Then apply the thick mixture on your face and neck and leave it for 1 hour and clean with that water from which you take out the rice.
If you apply this method you will get the benefits of rice and its water. Anti-oxidant produced by rice will help to fight with eyesight and dehydrate your skin.
You can put it in the freeze and use after 4 days as honey. Make that water ice and can massage on your face with it.