Prem Baniya was not made the environment to live in Nepal said Journalist Narayan Shrestha

Nepal’s youngest journalists Rishi Lamichhane had a foreign ID with the new concept of connecting the Nepali Prime Minister of the country after deserting the love of journalist through foreign pride in front of the people and the people with respect to foreign interference.

When the Prime Minister got success in succession, the conspiracy was revolted from that program, but no one raised the voice of Ravi, and when Ravi joined the people directly to the public, through a Sidha kura Janta Sanga then there was a new wave of revolution in the whole country, which led to the timing of team Ravi. What is the nature of not writing journalists called Nepal’s senior? And the program Sida Kura Janta Sanga was shut down after a year which would reach on the date 28 December.