“Service is a religion” save my husband !! Mother and son requests

Responding to this, my dear brother and sister, we request this intuitive request.
In 2072, home and economic condition was breakthrough e@rthquake, and adds weakness and p@inful things.
Gorkha district Dharcho village municipality Ward Number 7, Sabik Lapu VDC 6, 27 years old Kiran Gurung, son of Kanchha Gurung was !njured by falling of his house on August 20. He was admitted in the Trauma center near the Bir Hospital. He has been treating at the same hospital but his body down to the waist is not responding. He adds life and de@th to his health.

The patient, who has not yet been diagnosed with Loan and still seeks remedial remedies, is still waiting for the remedy of s!ck Kiran Gurung.
She is asking for help from the Trauma Center of Kathmandu.
It is the p@inful moment of Kiran Gurung. And his wife is asking for a help. She had paid nearly 4 lakhs for his treatment but not became completely fine. And she needs more money for further surgery of him. She tries to manage loans but not able to manage it.
9869095809, 9861020902 are the contact number of Kiran’s wife. If you want to help her call in it or you can deposite the money in Ran Bahadur Basal’s Nabil Bank Account No. 4310017503244 Mobile number 9827127430.