Prachand ! Why would Ravi be able to meet only one day for 5 minutes? Why did Ravi say?

The market is now under discussion about the security of the famous and powerful journalist Ravi Lamichhane of the country. The demand for protection of the journalist Ravi Lamichhane, who is fighting the wrong-doers government staff, has seen the demand for “security” through society, through the public. In the social media, the campaign has begun on demanding security to Ravi Lamichhane. Similarly, in Nepal, the truth has been attacked against journalists repeatedly. Therefore, the need for strong security of journalist Lamichhane has been impressed.

While running the program with “Simple People”, Maoist Center Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachand” had removed him by informing after becoming a Prime Minister. Prachand had taken another person in close proximity to his party. He sent out Ravi from the television show “Sidha kura Pradhnamantri sanga” and brought another host for that program. In this program, Prachanda was invited but he was not ready to attend in the program, so I am not waiting for you now.
Ravi Lamichhane is a person who runs the longest talk show and makes world record. When he got the certificate he listened that he was an officially amazing man. Now I need to feel amaze. He is now in UAE to provide justice for Astami Gurung’s Family.